Fish design pendant.  4 bright green to blue, with a tint of orange, opal doublets made with Coober Pedy (SA) set into 14 kt yellow gold. The fins have 7 small diamonds (total 7 point) set in white gold fins along with a diamond eye! The pendant is 20 mm wide and 26 mm tall.

On special: Was $1680 Now $1150

Opal Doublet / Opal Inlay:             A thin slice of opal glued on a dark backing.
French:                       Le Doublet: une tranche d'opale mince collée sur un fond fonce.
German:                     Dublette: dünne Scheibe Opal auf dunklem Untergrund geklebt.
Italian:                        Opale Doppio: strato un sottile strato di opale incollato su una.