Specific Questions relating to stock items.

We are always happy to answer specific questions about our range. Feel free to e-mail us to get more detail about a specific item. If necessary we can send additional photographs or extra information.

Questions relating to Opal types etc.

As a source of independent and unbiased advise we recommend that you follow the link below to 'The Opal Association.' They provide a wide range of information about our precious gemstone, its variations and most importantly its care.

General advisory about opal photos

When viewing opals on a computer screen or from a photographic print please be aware that the colour rendition will vary according to the calibration of the computer screen or the nature of your printer drivers.

When photographing our opals we use daylight balanced globes to achieve a repeatable result.

Prior to placing a picture on the website we view the photo on our calibrated monitors and any adjustment made is done with the original being compared to the viewed image. We DO NOT artificially / electronically enhance the colours of our opals. Adjustments made to photos are limited to exposure correction and adjustment to the background of the photos to eliminate colour casts that may arise.

Photographing opal, particularly light (white) opal, is quite difficult as the colours usually play as the nature and direction of the light changes. For expensive pieces we usually include a number of shots where the direction of the light is changed to indicate the extent of the colour play.

As a general rule photographs of opals tend to underplay the colour and pattern of the stones when viewed in real life under a range of lighting conditions. We are confident that if you like what you see on the photographs you will be more than impressed with the actual piece when you get to see it!