Our Goldsmith

Regine Maeckle

Let us introduce you to our Master Goldsmith Regine Maeckle- the ‘face’ behind
our impressive handmade jewellery.

While in Germany, she worked in different workshops designing, gold smithing, gem setting and other skills like silver smithing, enamelling and gem cutting.

Regine came to 'The Opalcutter' in Coober Pedy in 2001. Opal was a very impressive new gemstone for her to work with, and you can see it’s her favourite now!

From classic designs to ‘one off’ Masterpieces- her work is giving Australia’s national gemstone the perfect look!

Now a permanent resident in Australia and still working in Coober Pedy we count ourselves fortunate to be working with her. Regine’s excellent and extraordinary handmade jewellery pieces can be found all over the world.