Rough & Cut Opals

In this section you will find a range of interesting opalised materials that are suitable for display purposes. Collectors of rocks, minerals or fossils are certain to find something that interests them here.

Many of the items are polished or ‘cleaned’ and show a diversity of colour and patterns. Unlike opal usable as gem stone or in jewellery items, this material is best used as a conversation piece.

Some make great paperweights.

The majority of our opalised fossils are marine organisms, with snails and ‘bivalve’ molluscs the most common. A few of our specimens are parts of ‘echinoderms’ (i.e.’ spiny skinned’ animals like primitive star fish). Sometimes we also have opalised squid tubes.

Creative or adventurous individuals might like to try their hand and further ‘trimming’ or polishing the pieces. (Start with one of the cheaper pieces, or look in our ‘Rough Opal’ section.) A small hand held rotary tool like a ‘Dremmel’ with some polishing accessories can get you started here! Just watch out if the ‘opal bug ‘gets you can invest considerable money in cutting and polishing equipment.