In this section we have a wide range of unfinished material. Rough opal can be pieces of varying in size from small chips to large rocks containing opalised bands or pockets.

When buying rough make certain that you carefully study the description and check the photographs. For expensive parcels of rough we are quite happy to send you additional photographs to help you make up your mind. Please remember that many pieces of rough look much better when wet so we may have photographed the material with water. When the samples get to you make certain to check them out dry and then spray them with fine mist of water (once polished opal does not require water to make it look its best!).

When you purchase a parcel of opal you may find material with varying colour and pattern. We price our material based on a close inspection of the parcel and offer it at a price that balances the sample across the range. We do NOT split parcels (unless stated in the description), nor do we allow you to pick and choose from the material and return part of a parcel.

As a general rule buy rough parcels on what you can see NOT on what could be hidden in the rock!

Parcels of ‘Potch and Colour’ are low value material and although opalised show relatively little colour play and / or pattern. Potch is useful if you wish to learn to cut and polish without risking your money by buying top class material. Cutters who prepare doublets or triplets may use potch, particularly the darker material, as backing for their thin slices of precious opal.

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